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5 Ways to Thrive as a Travel Agent in 2022

The importance of a Travel Advisor has never been so crucial


Written By: Michelle Fee, CEO & Founder – Cruise Planners, an American Express Travel Representative


There is no doubt that the last two years have been trying on the travel industry, but ironically, it is during these tough times that Cruise Planners found out what they were really made of.  The company took stock of what worked for them as a corporation and focused on taking care of their travel advisors first and foremost.

That decision turned out to be one of the best.


How do we know?

Several things: In November 2021, Cruise Planners CEO and Founder Michelle Fee was recognized for her outstanding leadership as the first-ever “Executive of the Year” at the Travvy Awards. To lead during difficult times is no easy feat, and industry officials understood what it took to lead an organization of 2500+ agents through devastating times and awarded Fee with their highest honor.

And although 2021 was a difficult year, Cruise Planners created 20 new initiatives that included upgrades to our already cutting-edge technology andimplemented our award-winning “Where2Next” virtual series that resulted in 18,000+ subscribers and $20 million in new sales. Michelle Fee and our executive team also committed to twice-weekly zoom sessions to update advisors on the current situation and supported them through unprecedented times. These steps and focus did not go unnoticed:

Franchise Business Review named Cruise planners the #1 Travel agency and the #3 Top 200 Franchises Overall for 2022. In addition, we were recognized as

Cruise Planners is a Top Franchise Option for Travel Agents in 2022

2021’s Best Low-Cost Franchises To Buy;  “Best Franchise for Veterans”; and “Top 50 Franchises for Women— an accolade we are especially proud of considering our executive team consists of a majority of female leadership and our closest competitors did not make it on this list. In addition, Cruise Planners made an astounding 41-spot leap in just one year and took home the #3 spot for the “Top 50: Enterprise” category.

As if that wasn’t enough to let us know we were doing right by our franchisees, Cruise Planners also increased our score by 6.4 points during one of the worst years in our industry’s history. The results speak for themselves.

“Considering we just weathered one of the toughest times in the travel industry, I can’t tell you how much this means,” said Michelle Fee, CEO and founder of Cruise Planners. “Our franchisees are passionate and dedicated travel professionals, and they continue to show up, rain or shine, pandemic and all. We’re so proud to be able to offer a high value, low-cost franchise to so many people to be able to work from home and create their own business opportunities.”

And, as we move into 2022, here are some tips for travel advisors on how to survive and thrive during uncertain times:

Continue Marketing

Travel always comes back, and people are ready. Keep marketing destinations and itineraries for them to think about when the time comes.

Set Expectations for your customers

Traveling now is definitely possible, but there are many factors outside of our control. Remind customers to follow protocols, buy travel insurance, and be flexible.

Don’t Give Up

It’s just a matter of time before travel booms and just make sure you’re ready. It’s inherent in human nature to explore and as we evolve and learn to live with the new changes, we get closer to getting back to normal.

Take all kinds of bookings as they will later turn into larger bookings

Any business is good business! Even if the booking isn’t grand, it’s the first steps to building a relationship that will last as long as your customers trust you. So look at the long game.

Sell Up—Luxury is on fire!

All these months while people were unable to travel, means that when they can, they want to go BIG. It’s more about experience and convenience, so make sure you are well versed in the higher end products so you can sell up.


The wave of revenge travel is coming.


Will you be ready for it?


For more information and to see if to see if you qualify to join for FREE, please visit www.cruiseplannersfranchise.com.