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Leading travel network receives exclusive right to use the now patented Lead Processing Engine™ that empowers independent travel professionals to earn some of the highest industry-wide incomes 

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – April 12, 2016 – Avoya Travel®, one of the world’s leading travel companies, has been issued a patent for its technology that powers the travel industry’s first and onlyaward-winning Live Leads™ program. Avoya’s Lead Processing Engine™ was developed to benefit both consumers and travel agents by finding and successfully matching specialty-based independent travel professionals in the Avoya Travel Network with vacation-seeking clients.

The patent grants Avoya the exclusive right to use the proprietary technology, and prevents and excludes all companies in any industry, including travel host and franchise networks, from replicating or utilizing a similar performance-based lead distribution system.

“Avoya’s Live Leads, a proprietary algorithm-based technology, disrupted the travel industry when it was first launched and is one reason for Avoya’s meteoric rise and the unrivaled success of Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network,” commented Brad Anderson, President at Avoya Travel. “Live Leads has enabled our 750 highly professional Independent Agencies and their agents to access new customers, increase the number of loyal repeat customers, and earn some of the highest incomes in the travel industry,” commented Anderson.

The Live Leads program was first conceived years ago when almost all travel agents operated in ‘brick and mortar’ storefront locations and consumers randomly selected an agent usually based on proximity, convenience or because the agent picked up the phone first.

Without the patented technology in Avoya’s Live Leads program, the odds of a consumer finding a perfectly matched, skilled, and knowledgeable travel professional to help plan a cruise or vacation are extremely low.

In using the Live Leads program, it no longer matters where the agent works or where the consumer lives. The Avoya Live Leads program automatically finds and connects the best available independent travel professional for each consumer request based on many metrics including closing ratio, vacation or cruise line vendor, expertise, and many other proven performance factors at any time, day or night.

“My independent agency sold over $400,000 in my first three months with the Avoya Network,” said Ann Kent, owner of Sea Ya Travel, who joined the Avoya Network in July 2015.  “I used to sell real estate, but I always dreamed of owning my own successful travel company. This January alone I booked more than $300,000 and I’m now on track to sell $2 million in my first year in travel! With Avoya’s support, technology, and their amazing Live Leads program, my dreams have been realized.”

The Live Leads program and patented technology has enabled Avoya to move past traditional, limited, and sometimes unfair and random methods used to connect consumers to a travel professional. It has empowered Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network to be more successful and generate far better results compared to other leading host companies and franchise networks.

According to Avoya, its unique and patented Live Lead algorithm, programs, and systems are a “win-win-win for travel professionals, consumers, and suppliers.”


About Avoya Travel:

Avoya Travel has a long-standing reputation for being one of the world’s largest and most innovative travel companies. As an American Express Travel Representative for more than 25 years, Avoya is deeply committed to Integrity and Professionalism™, service, and value in every aspect of planning cruises and vacations. Through an elite network of independently owned and operated travel agencies, Avoya provides exclusive discounts, amenities, and first-class customer service to travelers worldwide. For this, Avoya has received numerous accolades, including being repeatedly named Travel Partner of the Year, by Norwegian Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival Cruises, American Express, Oceania Cruises, and more.

Travel agency owners, travel professionals, and others interested in owning and operating their own travel business should contact Avoya Travel at 800-521-2597 or visit www.JoinAvoya.com. Travelers interested in booking their next vacation with Avoya Travel, should call 800-753-1463 or visitwww.AvoyaTravel.com.