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Travel Planners International: Travel Agents Realize Backend Support is Crucial to Business Growth


ORLANDO, FL – September 12th, 2016 – Travel Planners International, a top travel host agency, organized a Pop-Up TPI event at the Travel Agent Forum in Miami on October 5, 2016. Held in an extra room, agents experienced first-hand what it feels like to be supported by Travel Planners International – corporate headquarters was brought to them on a smaller scale. Employees from departments such as accounting, business development, group cruise, marketing, social media, and more were available to speak with prospective and current TPI agents.

The Pop-Up TPI event was a ‘test’ and proved that solopreneurs with strong sales, marketing and back office support can build thriving travel businesses.

According to Jenn Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing, “When independent travel agents or solopreneurs as we refer them, entered the Pop-Up TPI area, they were walked through the process of working with us. For example, if a travel business owner specialized in cruises, he or she met with the cruise department and then spoke with a TPI employee from social media, marketing, accounting, and so forth. The agent gained a better understanding of what a host travel agency can do for them, from promoting their businesses to submitting sales and collecting commissions.”

Even though hundreds of people fled Miami because of Hurricane Matthew, for those who stayed, they got a chance to experience what Travel Planners International can do for them, first hand.

“Some of the agents who’ve been with TPI for years didn’t know about some of the programs and support we offer. Why? Because as their businesses grew, morphed or changed, they didn’t realize our business had grown, morphed and changed to support them. We also proved the following points:

  • Solopreneurs who build and grow thriving businesses, whether $10,000 or $2 million per year, need more sales, marketing and backend support than ever before.
  • A travel host agency is viable for all types of agents.

Many stated that the event was the most productive 3 hours of the year they’ve had,” said Jenn Lee, VP of Sales and Marketing.

Travel Planners International plans to hold three Pop-Up TPI events in 2017. For more information, visit



Travel Planners International is a marketing and support agency for new and experienced travel professionals. Travel agents partner with Travel Planners International for their profit-generating marketing programs, consumer connect options, negotiation power, small-business training events and time-saving back-office support.

Being an advocate for the travel industry as a whole, Travel Planners International educates and connects consumers directly to their collection of specialized travel agents and preferred industry suppliers through their interactive consumer-facing website, strong social media presence, direct consumer marketing, as well as their collaborative ventures with complementary industry associations and consortia.

For more information, please visit http://www.travelplannersinternational.com.