Cruise Planners 728 x 90 April 2021

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Michael Pagliocca

(11+ Years in the travel industry)

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I have been with Cruise Planners for approx. 12 years as a franchise owner. Overall, they are an excellent company - The support team is helpful, usually immediately available and their back office system (although sometimes a bit much) is very helpful. I do not care for the websites that are offered to us as they look cheap / tacky / busy - I use my own website. The commission structure is OK, although I honestly believe that they take a bit much with land packages / hotels. With the company's volume, it's great to receive a higher % commission than smaller companies / independent agencies. Cruise Planners is creative and are always looking to help with marketing ideas. I do feel that our Business Development people have too many agents to work with, leaving us with 1 or 2 calls per year (1 hour each.) I also feel that there are too many "rules" that try to make us purchase anything from their preferred suppliers. I do not like the idea that a ".com" site can discount rates, using their free berths / group amenities to do so. This isn't a Cruise Planners issue, but there should be a way that we can play on even ground.Finally, I understand that it is all about numbers and growing the franchise. However, having several other Cruise Planners in your backyard (almost literally) is a bit much. Yes, you can grow, but the competition from your own company makes it more difficult vs. just competing with other agencies and online agencies.
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