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It seems as agents, we all depend on reviews to a certain extent to assist us with the research part of our business, so a review on my host agency will hopefully help anyone thinking of getting into this business. I've been in the business since 1993 and witnessed A LOT of changes and it's always expected to be somewhat scared and apprehensive when starting any type of business. I was skeptical, at first of having a host agency. I was "old school" and was going to do everything the long way, the difficult way and out of the blue, one late night, I stumbled upon a website that was for home based agents. After careful consideration and really thinking on how my business could benefit from having a host agency, there was no question on what my decision should be. I was very fortunate to have a lot of knowledge under my belt and caught on very quickly how i could benefit from this - especially having all the commission structures in place, the registration of the IATA #, etc., this gave me time to focus on contacting my clients and making sales. Dugan's support system is fantastic. Whether it you are needing technical or log in support or something about commissions, etc. there is numerous methods in place for you to quickly find the answers and get the issue resolved. I am very pleased with the commission structures that are in place on our major tour operators and cruise lines. And, the training and promotions from the sales managers is excellent. The client support system for our management team to access and utilize as needed is very easy to use and can be used on many different levels as you learn to navigate your way through the website and building your business. Never, have I had a commission oversight at anytime during these past 5 years. You will also find the policies and procedures in the manual as well as our website are very clear and concise and also extremely fair. And while we all operate from our homes, the names become very familiar and through the correspondence of emails, etc. you get to know your fellow agents and management members and it's a comfort in knowing these people are real, just like me, right behind their computers and striving and thriving in this business just like me. I would highly recommend anyone seeking a host agency to consider this wonderful, well-built establishment that is highly regarded and respected in this industry. Jennifer Dugan, the owner, started this business because she simply wanted to stay home with her children - so she created this business that has blessed almost 600 agents. The start up costs are very reasonable and she will be the first to tell you to not spend a lot of money when you are just in the beginning stages of your business - but she does encourage you to do something for your business each and everyday. With advice from the owner like that, as well as the support system and training, you will quickly find you have made a very good business decision.

Lynn Reed
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