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Darlene Gore

(1 - 5 Years in the travel industry)

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I am a seasoned professional in another field, but travel business is my passion. I had one goal in mind, it that was to teach customers that given the proper planning that anyone can afford to travel. After completing travel agent training, I was wondering what was next. What I did know, is that I wanted to start my own business. A consultation with the school’s counselor led me to researching Host Agency. I researched several different host agencies and finally decided to join Avoyatravel Host Agency. There were a few factors that led me to that decision, all of which was because I was extremely new to the business.
The first factor was familiarity – They were an American Express Travel Representative and that spoke volume for me because of the massive reputation of American Express.
The second factor mandatory training program - As I was researching host agencies, I talked with other host agencies that required the attendance of a costly training program prior to joining. Since I was new and just completed a travel agent program, I did not think that was the direction I wanted to go. What I needed was hands on training with live customers, not really another year of training at that point. Avoyatravel accepted my training program.
The third factor was the lead program - This was important to me because I did not have a customer base and needed to build one. However, more importantly I needed additional training in dealing with live customers and planning different types of travel. I knew that their lead program would offer training that I needed and allow me to work with customers out of the gate. Marketing a business and learning at the same time would have been very challenging and may have become too cumbersome for me to continue in the business.
Here I am celebrating my third year in the travel business, all of which with one Host Agency -Avoyatravel. I can honestly say that today, I am glad I made the decision to join Avoyatravel. My only expectation with joining Avoyatravel was to learn the travel business and to work with customers. I accomplished that and much more. I will start off with their education program.
Education - First, I think that education is a priority for Avoyatravel. Their educational programs are exceptional and are first rate. I had the opportunity to participated in their Mastermind program, which is a program that help build the skills for new and seasoned travel agents. The program is much more than an education program; to me it is also a mentoring program. This program provided training that focused on building your business and improving your travel skills. Additionally, they provided one on one training that is helpful because it allows you to improve your weakness, while enhancing your strengths. This program on more than one occasion has been a life saver, it is almost like a life line, which I think is so beneficial for newly travel agent. However, Avoyatravel does not stop with just the Mastermind program, they have invested in so many educational programs that are free to the all independent travel agents. They offer training on different vendors and educational programs on horning your business skills.
The Lead Program - This was key for me and tipped the scale when deciding on a host agency. The one stand out feature was the ability to work with customers as I learn the business. Like any business there are peak times and then there are time when business is slower, the travel business is no different. However, the lead program was instrumental for me because it helped me build a customer base and taught me very important skills. This is a great program, especially for new agents. After three years, I am building a loyal customer base, which I think is important for the travel business. The lead program is a major investment for Avoyatravel, I can tell because during the bi-weekly meetings you hear how much effort they put into building the program. The opportunity to participate in the lead program has been great for my new business and a wonderful opportunity.
I will close my review with these notes. Working with Avoyatravel is a wonderful experience. I think they genuinely care about the success of your business and their customers. I realize that having a profitable business is the main goal for most business owners, but for me it is building a strong business so that it is profitable. Moreover, professional relationships, such as professional development and education is paramount. Customers have so many options today, I know because I hear it from the customers, but the best feeling is when they say I decided to come back because of the pricing and customer service. I would have not had those customers, had I not joined Avoyatravel. I would highly recommend them as Host Agency. I read some of the reviews where some stated issues with customer support. In the three years, I have been with Avoyatravel, not one time did I have a bad experience with customer support or any personnel at Avoyatravel. I will share this, which I forget to mention when selecting a host agency. When I first joined I was assigned an individual that was available to me for a few months as I learned the ropes. I was able to reach out to the individual whenever I needed assistance. Even today, that same individual will still reach out to me and check on me once in a while. Not just that individual, also instructors of the Mastermind program and leadership will do the same. If you are seeking a host agent that really care about you and your business, then Avoyatravel should be your first choice.
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