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Marie Rosenbaum

(1 - 5 Years in the travel industry)

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I’ve been a marketing agency owner for 12 years before I decided to start my own travel agency. I joined Avoya Travel with 1.5 year of travel experience working as an independent agent at a brick and mortar agency. I wanted to make more money while having adequate support but also have the opportunity to drive my destiny by owning my own business. It was super important to set my own hours, and still have leads coming in after traditional 8 to 5 business hours. As a one-woman show; Avoya’s online presence, marketing and lead generation system seemed the perfect fit for me.

I’m currently working part-time at strange hours sometimes while raising my one-year old. The way Avoya is designed, it allows me to work when I can, whether it be during the day, late at night or on the weekend. I have sold in my last 6 months the same amount I sold in 18 months at my past agency. I can’t wait to see what I can do when I’m able to dedicate myself full-time to the business!

Reasons I love Avoya Travel, and you will too:

• Live Leads: Turn faucet on by phone or email and receive leads without having to advertise. The better you become in a specialty, the better the leads get. The harder you work, the more you are rewarded.

• Company: Techy online company constantly growing, very introspective, interested in process improvement and feedback from their network. Avoya works with people/agencies who are serious about their business. Professional learning opportunities are endless at Avoya, from sales tips videos to vendor webinars, even live one-on-one sessions designed to grow your business. Avoya truly loves their independent agencies and it shows in the way they interact with their network, through various communications on every day basis.

• Staff: Huge amount of dedicated staff specializing in the business of travel. No question goes unanswered. The support request system and the staff answering all your questions are absolutely amazing. You will not feel alone or unsupported.

• Technology: The quoting and invoicing system is super user-friendly and visually appealing for clients. Everything is tracked and is very organized.

• Vendors: Specializing in a specific vendor pays off because it allows you to be a true product expert, plus you get to sell what you like most. Understanding the consumer and exclusive Avoya promotions in depth translates to more bookings.

• Money: You get paid fast… on weekly basis. Due to preferred relationships with vendors, Avoya also gets top commission amounts.

• Client: Best interest of client is very important to Avoya. They make sure that clients are taken care off. Avoya has tremendous buying power and solid relationships with vendors, which translates to great pricing and offering for clients. It feels great to be competitive in the market place and being able to provide great pricing and extra perks to my clients.

• Flexible business hours: I can do business any day of the week at pretty much anytime. All I need is a laptop and phone line anywhere in the world. I can even access the booking system from my phone.

• International: The cherry on top for me is working with International clients. When a client requests someone who speaks French or Polish, I have the opportunity to help them.
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