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I've only been with them a short time, but I can tell you already that they are AWESOME. I spent literally months researching different host agencies. Several others I almost signed up for - but once I read their contract and terms & conditions (those things so many skip right over), found many sneaky tactics - in other words what they said on their site was VERY sugar coated! Not so with OA at all! What they said matched their terms. They encourage actual productivity - not those who are in it for their own free vacations and discounts - which I love. It's designed for people who truly want to run a business. The staff there is very active and attentive, very quick to answer any questions and offer advice. The only fees you pay, that I have found so far, would be for more robust website options (there is a free option as well), so they truly make their money only when you do! I'm sure that helps keep them motivated to make you a better seller. The support you get from other agents as well is awesome. Even with miles apart it feels like you have co-workers sitting next to you. I absolutely recommend OA for everyone, especially to those new to the industry looking to genuinely learn and make a business of it!
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