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Nexion Travel Group Re-Introduces Nexion 100 Plan

Members Can Now Choose from Seven Plan Types

IRVING, TX (November 1, 2023) – Nexion Travel Group, the travel industry’s premier host travel agency in North America, is bringing back a popular commission plan to its members: Nexion 100. Nexion 100 plan gives travel advisors the chance to keep 100% of their commissions booked through all non-ARC suppliers. Nexion members on any type of Nexion plan, including Nexion 100, also have access to ARC commissions from 50-80% depending on whether they book through a GDS or Nexion’s SNAP! booking tool.

“Travel has rebounded over the last few years, and travel advisors are finding themselves busier than ever,” said Jackie Friedman, CTC, CTIE, President of Nexion Travel Group. “Bringing back the Nexion 100 plan is something that many of our top-producing members want. With the option to keep their entire commission, Nexion 100 is an attractive option for these growing agencies earning substantial revenues.”

Nexion Travel Group Re-Introduces Nexion 100 Plan

All members of Nexion Travel Group can choose a plan type that suits the needs of their business. Each plan type offers a balance between keeping a greater commission or paying a higher monthly fee. Experienced Nexion advisors have options from the newly re-introduced Nexion 100 to plans that offer anywhere from 90-70% of a commission split. New to the industry members are offered the NEXstart and NEXstart Lite plans, that give the travel advisor a 60% commission split until the Travel Leaders of Tomorrow program is completed, and commissions go to 70%.

Members can switch between plan types at any time. Each plan type can work for any size of agency, from single-person shops to large multi-agent organizations. More information on Nexion’s member plan types and optional add-ons can be found on Nexion.com.

“Nexion’s members come from a variety of different businesses,” Friedman continued. “Over the years, we have heard that they choose Nexion because we can meet them where they are in terms of our offerings and tools—including plan types. For some agencies affiliated with Nexion, it makes sense to pay a lower fee and higher commission split, while others prefer to keep their entire commission. By re-introducing the Nexion 100 plan, we become an even more competitive host agency that can offer any type of travel agency a home.”

The Nexion 100 plan is available for members in the United States starting immediately.
All travel professionals interested in learning how to succeed as a professional business owner, backed by Nexion Travel Group’s many great benefits, are encouraged to call 800-747-6813 or email [email protected].