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Outside Agents Releases Fraud Protection Program

Outside Agents Releases Fraud Protection Program

Jacksonville, FL, December 6, 2021 – OutsideAgents.com, America’s premier host agency, has released the travel industry’s first and only Fraud protection program. The program was created by Chad Burt, one of the owners of OutsideAgents.com, in response to an agent being defrauded for over $13,000.  “I snapped,” said Chad, “when I realized that someone set the agent up and did this on purpose. I was on fire.  That wasn’t going to happen again, period.”  Determined to protect his agents moving forward, he immediately began creating what was to become the most important training he’s created in his career:  A Travel Agent’s Guide to Fraud.

Chad’s background includes cyber security and psychology, giving him a unique perspective on fraud prevention. After speaking with the agent, he realized that an agent could avoid 98+% of these situations. Chad spent 21 hours over the following weekend building the foundation of OutsideAgents.com’s Fraud Protection Program.  One year and hundreds of hours later, OutsideAgents.com is proud to introduce MAGfpp (Fraud Protection Program).


The program consists of the following elements:

  • OutsideAgents.com will pay up to $500 of the cost of any fraud for which the agent is held accountable  when following the program’s instructions.
  • 2 hours of award winning on-demand Fraud Prevention training
  • Hours of on-demand and live training from industry experts including best practices for fraud management
  • Proven processes, forms and letters for working with clients and vendors to resolve disputes
    • Before a dispute
      • Ethical Agent training, website page, and certification badge to ward off lazy thieves
      • PCI, PII, GDPR, CCPA, privacy, terms and conditions, and client agreements so agents look like a tough target for a criminal and have “clean hands” in the event of a suit
    • During a dispute
      • Direct coaching from recognized experts in fraud and security, including the owners of OutsideAgents.com.
      • Step by step guides and advanced resources valued at over $265
      • Forms and letters proven to help resolve issues with clients and vendors
      • Custom forms, disclaimers, and agreements including an online credit card authorization form with signature, which is the single most important element needed to prove the validity of a charge to overcome a dispute.
    • After the dispute:
      • Support in legal actions including recovering losses
      • Tax and accounting mentoring to minimize the impact of losses
      • Direct support from the owners of OutsideAgents.com as needed


Steve Muraca, Co-Owner of Outside Agents said “Our goal at Outside Agents is to provide as much support as possible for our agents and MAGfpp is a resource that every member will benefit from by addressing  fraud head-on. We encourage all of our members to take advantage and prioritize this program as it’s deployed.”


About Outside Agents

Founded in 1992, Outside Agents is owned and operated by cousins Chad Burt and Steve Muraca. In its nearly 30 years of operation, Outside Agents has grown to become one of the largest and most profitable host agencies in North America, supporting approximately 6,000 agents. Outside Agents offers unparalleled support, award winning training, cutting edge technology, best of class marketing and the highest commissions in the industry. OutsideAgents.com prides itself on the availability of Chad and Steve as it demonstrates their commitment to their agent partners.  For more information, please visit OutsideAgents.com.