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David Rodrigues

(2 Years 2 Months in the travel industry)

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I have had my franchise with Cruise Planners/American Express for two years now and I absolutely love being part of this franchise. I did not have any formal experience as a travel agent prior to joining the franchise and I can now say that I feel like I am operating a successful travel franchise. Cruise Planners is continuously enhancing their programs, technologies and support for franchisees. They are always look for opportunities to help franchisees increase their sales and make things easier for us to do business. All employees of the Cruise Planners home office team at Cruise Planners have a positive attitude and do their utmost to support franchisees. The tie in with American Express is very beneficial due to their brand recognition and stellar reputation with Customers. Prospective clients do not hesitate to do business with you once they understand your association with American Express. Additionally, both Cruise Planners and American Express have excellent relationships with travel suppliers and marketing programs that really help you to provide unique offerings to your customers. Owning at vacation travel franchise is a lot of work and you should not go into any business thinking it will be easy. You need to remember that you will need to spend a significant amount of time marketing your services and attracting clients as they just won't arrive at your virtual doorstep just because you are part of a franchise. Cruise Planners American Express sets you up with the tools and support you need to run a successful business but you are at the core of making it a success. If you have a passion for travel and the enthusiasm to run a travel business, Cruise Planners American Express is a great place to start.
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