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Andrea LaGrow

(6 Months in the travel industry)

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After reading an e-book on how to get into the business, this was the only host agency that seemed to fit for me.

They have been a perfect fit in so many ways.

They just happen to be only two hours away from me - which is a plus - but I wasn't paying attention to proximity when I was choosing a host (but this did come in handy when I attended two of their live training sessions this year).

Both of the owners are accessible and down to earth, and the training is out of this world; in fact, they just won an award for their training. Not only do they provide webinars (which are constantly updated), but they regularly provide live training at their offices. And, if we have questions, we are welcome to call and ask.

We have access to a forum - with the owners often weighing in - they truly care about our businesses. We are a group of over 3,000 agents who try to make each other stronger - and it's great!

The company does not charge a fee for anything - and offers errors and omissions insurance, as well as other programs to help us in our business. Most of us truly feel we have the best host agency in the country!
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