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Avoya Travel Launches Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya

Avoya’s Travel Advisor Education Platform Offers Dynamic and Comprehensive Curriculum for New-to-Travel Entrepreneurs


Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. – December 05, 2022 – Avoya Travel®, one of the travel industry’s most innovative brands, has just launched a new travel advisor education platform named Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya™. The education platform is designed for entrepreneurs who are new to the travel industry and seeking a comprehensive educational resource that prepares them to successfully own and operate an independent travel business. In addition to a dynamic online curriculum with self-paced coursework, support from known travel industry leaders and experts with over 100 years of combined industry experience, and free registration for the Travel Agent Proficiency (TAP®) exam offered by The Travel Institute, registrants who complete the coursework and pass the TAP exam will receive free memberships to both Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya was launched in partnership with The Travel Institute, the well-regarded and highly reputable authority on travel agent education resources.

In the wake of the pandemic, entrepreneurs looking for independent contracting opportunities and the ability to earn income remotely set their sights on joining the travel industry and found themselves in need of an educational resource to help learn the ins and outs of the industry. Simultaneously, there was a dramatic increase in the demand for skilled and well-informed travel advisors from travelers looking for help navigating the new, complicated health and safety protocols. Avoya has seized on the opportunity to satisfy the needs of both groups with the launch of Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya.

“Since COVID, Avoya Travel has reported a significant increase in interest to affiliate with the Avoya Travel Network with many of these entrepreneurs being new to travel. By offering a dynamic and comprehensive travel agent curriculum, Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya provides them with the essential foundation and fundamentals to own and operate a successful independent travel business,” said Steve Hirshan, Senior Vice President of Sales at Avoya Travel. “The robust curriculum, unmatched support from known travel industry leaders and experts, as well as the included CLIA and ASTA memberships, make this new education platform a true gamechanger for those seeking a successful career in travel. Now more than ever, professional and knowledgeable travel agents are in high demand.”

Available to anyone seeking to start their own independent travel business, or current travel entrepreneurs looking for a more formal education on the travel industry, Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya focuses on the essential basics of owning and operating a successful travel agency and offers prestigious credibility to those who complete the coursework and TAP exam. Curriculum includes an overview of the leisure travel industry, including the various types of vacations and suppliers and reasons a traveler may be better suited for one over another; geography, destination, and cultural education; foundations of entrepreneurship and an emphasis on how to use the technology and marketing resources that are available to streamline and promote an independent business; a day in the life of a travel agent including several different aspects of what goes into making a sale; and much more.

“When beginning a new trade like the travel industry, you must immerse yourself into every learning experience possible. This last year I learned a lot from traveling more, going to Avoya’s conferences, bootcamps, and anything else I can get my hands on,” said Karen Carifee, Owner of Wanderlust Travel Jetsetter, a member of the Avoya Network. “Now I want to grow even more and feel thatTravel Agent Education Powered by Avoya will catapult me to that next level for my travel business.”

Avoya plans to add even more content to the curriculum in the near future on top of the robust offerings currently available. Avoya is currently offering enrollment in Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya for $649 through December 31, 2022, a $200 discount off the normal rate, which still includes the CLIA and ASTA memberships upon successful completion. While affiliating with Avoya Travel upon completion is not a requirement, those who choose to do so will receive $100 off their Avoya affiliation fee.

Those interested in enrolling in Travel Agent Education Powered by Avoya or learning more should visit: www.AvoyaNetwork.com.


About Avoya Travel

Avoya Travel® is redefining how vacations are booked by providing unmatched resources, services, proprietary technology, and patented solutions to thousands of companies including cruise lines, tour companies, resorts, and the Independent Agencies in the Avoya Network. Through its innovative vacation platform model and vast demand channels, Avoya utilizes powerful marketing technology and data intelligence, alongside its patented Live Leads™ program, to connect travelers with independent travel advisors who deliver personalized service and value throughout the vacation planning and booking process. Avoya continues to develop groundbreaking technology solutions to offer travelers access to exclusive discounts and amenities in partnership with travel suppliers. Avoya has won numerous awards for its technology and innovation, including holding multiple patents, and serves travelers in North America and beyond.

Travel agency owners, travel professionals, and others interested in receiving the unmatched services, marketing, support, and technology needed to own and operate their own travel business should contact Avoya Travel at 800-521-2597 or visit www.AvoyaNetwork.com. Travelers interested in booking their next vacation with an expert Independent Agency in the Avoya Network should call 800-753-1463 or visit www.AvoyaTravel.com.