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Legato Travel Solutions

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1155 Kelly Johnson Blvd, Suite 111, Unit 153
Colorado Springs, CO, 80923, United States

Host Agency Information

In Business Since
Average Yearly Sales Volume
$10 - $24 Million
Number of Independent Agents
100 - 200
Program for New Agent Training
Education Programs for Agents
Are Leads Offered for Agents?
Do You Offer an Accounting System for Agents?
Yes (Accounting System Name: Montis)
Do You Offer a CRM Program for Agents?
Is Air Ticketing Available for Agents?
Is a GDS Offered for Agents?
Yes (GDS Name: Sabre)
Is a Website Building Tool or Website Available for Agents?
Is Direct Access to Owners of Your Host Agency Available?
Are Marketing Tools and Assets Available for Agents?
Is Booking Technology Available for Agents?
Consortia Membership(s)
No Consortia Memberships
Association Membership(s)
Is Hosting Available for International Agents (Outside of the United States)?

Program Information and Media

Information About Company / Programs and Structure for Independent Agents

  • 90/10 commission split for ALL agents
  • No monthly or annual fees
  • Weekly commission payments
  • $350 one-time setup cost
  • Comprehensive business management software with MontisPro
  • Cutting-edge airline booking engine OneWurld
  • Supplier Showcase to help find the right supplier and capture key information
  • Destination and Business training
  • comprehensive training modules for new to industry
  • Supplier training library
  • Family/Veteran owned and operated
  • Comprehensive Marketing Support
    • Free and Semi-Custom Websites
    • Logo Design/Branding Package
    • Extensive marketing tools from our supplier partners
    • Social Media marketing  from our OneWurld OnePromote platform
    • Tools, Tips and tricks
    • And more!
  • Business Development Services
  • Strong Community of Agents
  • Freedom to choose suppliers - you select the best supplier to meet your client's requirements

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Additional Media and Information

We’re bringing a fresh approach to the travel industry. We're accomplishing this in a variety of ways for our agents and for the suppliers we work with. We are fiercely independent and we believe that the future of the travel industry is fully-trained and supported independent agents. Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive for agents to be successful. With that mindset, we've removed elements within the industry that do not foster that environment. Part of this process is promoting the agent-supplier relationship. We do not dictate which suppliers to use and we encourage our agents to build relationships with the suppliers that best fit their business model and clients. This allows agents to get the service and support to grow their agencies without a middleman interfering. It's a pretty simple approach and agents love the culture we've created in the process.
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