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KHM Travel Releases New Video: The Adventure Begins

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May 15th, 2019 – Nothing changes a person quite like travel. Traveling allows us to get to know ourselves and the world we live in. It can be exciting, relaxing, and truly astonishing. Travel opens the door for us to experience amazing adventures. While the destinations are remarkable, what’s even more important to us are the people who make them possible…travel agents!

In our latest video, the KHM Travel Group team sought to capture the rewarding feeling of being a travel agent, and what it means to be the person planning those memorable experiences.



We hope this video reaches those who love travel but haven’t yet discovered the possibilities of becoming a travel agent and working with a host travel agency.



KHM Travel Group is an award-winning host travel agency, currently supporting over 4,000 independent travel agents across the United States. With an innovative education and support program, the KHM Travel Group team works to empower, educate, support, and promote independent travel agents in their journey to build successful businesses. KHM Travel Group is driven by a passion for sharing knowledge and helping others experience the world. Visit KHMTravel.comto learn more